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Divers and Diver Accessories
GLOutdoors stocks many different products for Walleye and Salmon fishing. Our Mini-Diver line by Big Jon are the divers which Lake Erie Charter Boats adapted to planer board fishing. When combined with small spoons, these are a deadly combination. Additionally, we stock diver rings to take lures to fish even if they are down below 100 feet.

Deeper Divers
Patented NoRing Deeper Divers™ swoop into the fish zone and stay there, making them the most versatile tools on your boat for delivering lures to fish when trolling.
Diver Rings
Oversize Rings = Maximum Depth
Luhr Jensen Dipsy Divers
Luhr Jensen Size 1 Dipsy Divers - Great Lakes Standard Divers
LunaSea Cush-IT
Luna Sea's the “Cush-it” is a revolutionary new fish-fighting aid with unmatched versatility and design. Captains, first-mates, and avid fishermen all agree that the “Cush-it” will soon be a mainstay on every vessel that is serious about catching big fish
Magnum Luhr Jensen Dipsy Divers / Walker Deeper Divers
Luhr Jensen Magnum Dipsy Divers are great for deep trolling applications
Rubber Snubbers
Stealth Silver Streak Snubber
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