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Dreamweaver Spoons - SS, WD, Reg and Mag

Dreamweaver Spoons
  Dreamweaver Spoons - WD, SS, Mag and Regular
Dreamweaver spoons in the Super Slim, Regular, Mag, WD and 4DW are the finest lures made for Great Lakes fishing. These silver-plated lures are manufactured in the USA under extremely high quality standards, resulting in a chip-resistant finish which can take a beating, fish after fish. Additionally, they are a tournament-proven spoon, winning time and time again in both amateur and professional tournaments all over the Great Lakes. These spoons are standard tackle for charter captains and anglers alike.

DW Magnum Spoons
Magnum Dreamweaver Spoons
Super Slim Spoons
Dreamweaver "Super Slim" is becoming increasingly popular as the spoon of choice for salmon and trout on the Great Lakes.
Dreamweaver WD Walleye Spoon
Walleye spoon by Dreamweaver
All Dreamweaver Spoons
We sell all available Dreamweaver Spoons. These are the top trolling lures for Great Lakes fishing. Available in the regular size.
Super Glow Spoons
Spoons that glow up to 8 hours
Holographic Dreamweavers
Highly Reflective Spoons
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