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Salmon Flashers

Salmon Flashers offers targeted salmon flashers for different applications throughout the season. Notice that we do not offer every brand and type known, rather a targeted group of highly effective flashers which an angler could rely upon for consistently producing results. As an angler you have many choices, but we are believers that picking specific products and understanding their use is far more effective than buying one or two of every brand on the market.

Notice we stock the newest styles of Spin Doctor Flasher from Dreamweaver Lures, Pro-troll's Hotchip and Prochip Flashers, and Capt. John King's Reel Flasher. Flashers for all applications.

Dreamweaver Eight Inch Paddles
Dreamweaver 8" Paddle - Classic Style Flasher
Dreamweaver Spin Doctor Flasher - All 8"
8" Spin Doctor Flasher by Dreamweaver Lure Company -
Legendary Products
The new Smart Fish Adjustable Dodgers are the first full size - fully adjustable dodger. The Smart Fish - Simple to adjust, simpler to use!
Dreamweaver 11" Paddle Flasher
Dreamweaver Paddle 11" rotating flasher west coast style
Dreamweaver Baby Spin Doctor Flashers
The 6" Baby Spin Doctor Flasher by Dreamweaver is a popular coho, and landlock salmon flasher.
Dreamweaver 10" Spin Doctors
Try The 10" Spin Doctor
Michigan Stinger 8" Prochip Flasher
8" Prochip Flasher by Michigan Stinger
Pro-Troll's 8" Prochip Flasher with Echip
8" Rotating Flasher with an Echip Electronic Fish Attractor
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